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Bohemian Rhapsody (Vocals Only) | Queen

La música se forma en tu cabeza…

Hugh Laurie - All we gotta do





This boy is amazing.

In the beginning you can see everyone in line snickering and judging and making rude comments amongst themselves about him because of the way he looks. And Nick Canon is a FUCKING TOOL. The Chris Angel comment was really fucking rude, and the horns and every other douchy fucking thing he did. Then Andrew walks out, more judgement, more snickers, and Howard Stern asking if he walks around “like this” every day.

The second he opens his mouth and sings one note, the entire audience is in tears and standing.

His comments about being an outsider and feeling like he is not good at anything come from years of comments like this. I Have gone through the same thing every day for years. Andrew is just one example of how much someone can have to offer NO MATTER HOW “DIFFERENT” THEY LOOK.


holy god he has the voice of angels.

I’m crying. Seriously.